Where Do You Hide?

A new song, recorded remotely as a lockdown experiment - with singers across the UK screaming into their phones and laptops.

With an accompanying film by Adam Laity.

You can listen and download the song from Bandcamp here.

Composed and performed by Verity Standen

Sonya Cullingford
Harry Humberstone
Jenny Minton
James Nuttall
Tom Penn
David Ridley
Ben See
Ellie Showering
Kate Smith
Phoebe Vigor
Jannah Warlow

Song produced and co-arranged by David Ridley

Film performers:
Paul Blakemore
Laila Diallo
Harry Humberstone
Adam Laity
Ellie Showering
Verity Standen Ania Varez

Film by Adam Laity http://blackcatfilms.org.uk/
Editing by Jonathan Eve

Filmed on location in Somerset, in accordance with COVID-19 guidance from the British Film Commission and the BFI