What I'm currently working on...

Another Route

I am part of a fellowship of 12 artists exploring new ways to work internationally. I’m lucky enough to be mentored by Clod Ensemble, with support from Forest Fringe, Total Theatre Network and Arts Admin, along with a whole bunch of great artists and organisations.

We’ve taken part in a handful of research ‘labs’, including a recent inspiring trip to Brussels and Ghent. And this summer I’ll be working with a host partner on a two-week international residency. anotherroute.co.uk

Made on Mull

This year I am an Artist in Residence on the beautiful Isle of Mull in Scotland, hosted by Mull Theatre & An Tobar Arts Centre.

Over the course of several trips, I interviewed people across island about their personal experiences and memories. I am now working on adapting these collected stories into a series of ‘Islands Duets’, which will be performed by community singers and filmed in the landscape. antobarandmulltheatre.co.uk

…And I’m writing some new music, which I hope I’ll get a chance to record this summer. Some little ideas that have been floating around for a while looking for a home.

If you’d like to talk about anything I’m working on, or have an idea for a collaboration or commission, please contact Tom on veritystandenprojects@gmail.com

“Verity Standen has a history of producing affecting, sensual audio shows… she has a talent for drawing the beautiful out of the banal. A hum can become more than hum-drum, a simple tuning fork can send your mind spiralling, and the movement of a singer can seem revolutionary.” - The Fix Magazine