passing thoughts

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“These songlets are a series of passing thoughts. They were mostly recorded in my office, improvised, over a few days. Some of these are based on ideas I’ve had floating around for years, others arrived in this moment. They are wonky and honest. You can hear my cat purring quite loudly in one of the tracks, which I love.

I usually work with groups of live singers and make music specifically for performance. It has been a joyful experiment to work with David Ridley to focus on the quiet detail of these songs and try to capture their intimacy.” - Verity Standen, December 2023.

passing thoughts

1. I Wonder
2. Purity
3. Indulgence
4. Outdated
5. Where Are You?

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Composed & performed by Verity Standen

Production & additional composition by David Ridley

Additional vocals on Outdated: David Ridley
Additional vocals on Purity: Kate Huggett, Kate Smith & David Ridley
Strings on Purity & Outdated: James Gow, Laura Wilson & David Ridley
Mastered by James Trevascus