Island Duets

Over the course of several months, Verity Standen interviewed people across the Isle of Mull in Scotland: about their lives, their memories, their experiences of the island.

She then lifted words and ideas from these stories and turned them into songs.
And she taught the songs to wonderful Mull community singers.

‘Island Duets’ was developed and funded by An Tobar and Mull Theatre as part of the Made On Mull Associate Artists Programme 2022

Composed by Verity Standen.

Film by Paul Blakemore.


SHOUT Amy Bowman & Verity Standen

THE BATHING BOXES Janet Campbell & Mauvis Gore Karina & Graham Alexander

A FALL Barbara Weir & Inez Cordeiro

I’LL LEAVE THE LIGHT ON Faith Fairbairn & Amy Bowman

Special thanks to:

Nina Pope, Andi Stevens And all at An Tobar & Mull Theatre

Glen Iosal

Tom and Jo Hard

Stephanie Kempson, Hannah Standen & Caggie Sound.

And the islanders whose stories inspired these songs.