Verity Standen is a composer, director, performer and choir leader. Her work focuses on the human voice - gathering people together to sing, and exploring different ways that people can experience music.

Verity’s performances have been staged in theatres and concert venues, galleries and museums, dance festivals and live art programmes, castles and cafes. Wherever her work is performed, music is always at the heart of the experience. Her compositions often use rich harmony and playful vocal techniques. You can read a beautiful essay about Verity’s work by critic Maddy Costa here.

Sometimes Verity collaborates with highly-experienced professional performers; sometimes she works with community choirs and untrained singers to bring her work to life – often there is a combination, with each composition tailored to the specific group of voices she is working with. In recent years she has travelled to perform and collaborate with singers in China, Belgium, Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as across the UK - from Scottish Islands to London’s Southbank Centre.

Broadly speaking, Verity’s work falls into two categories:

TOURING SHOWS, designed to be presented in a range of different venues and enjoyed by diverse audiences, such as her latest piece Undersong, which surrounds audiences in vocal music, as well as previous projects HUG, Symphony and Mmm Hmmm;

and COMMUNITY-SPECIFIC PROJECTS, which are created with a bespoke group of people or for a certain environment. Verity recently worked with Terrestrial and filmmaker Adam Laity to devise a project with isolated older people in Weston-super-Mare (you can watch a film following that project here), and in 2017 she created a community choral piece for 3 sites of historical significance (film here) and worked in partnership with a London hospital (film here).

VERITY STANDEN PROJECTS is a collaboration between Verity and producer Tom Spencer. We are currently working in association with MAYK.

If you have any questions about Verity’s shows, or an idea for a new project or collaboration, please get in touch with Tom at

Current/Recent projects


UNDERSONG - Verity’s latest and most ambitious touring production. Singers weave amongst the audience and around the space, filling the air with song. So far, the show has been presented in a concert hall, a medieval Cathedral and a community centre canteen. Find out more and watch the trailer.


VOICES OF WORLE – Verity recently worked with Terrestrial and filmmaker Adam Laity to devise a project with older residents of Weston-super-Mare and a community choir; you can watch a film following that project here.


HUG – An immersive choral piece in which each audience member is blindfolded and hugged by a singer, performed by a community choir in each location. Winner of the Off West End TBC Award, shortlisted for a Total Theatre Award and the Arches Brick Award. Find out more and watch the trailer.

S 1

SYMPHONY – A short piece for individual audience members, created by two live voices and an array of tuning forks. Has been performed overlooking London’s Olympic Park, in a forest at Latitude Festival and alone on Bristol Old Vic’s main stage. Find out more and watch the trailer.

Previous Projects

AIRBORNE – Verity worked with Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals to create a vocal piece for singers living with breathlessness, performed on hospital wards and at sites across Kensington. Watch a short film about the project here.


REFRAIN – A new large-scale choral work inspired by conscientious objection, created for three sites of historical significance and performed by community choirs of local men in each location. Find out more and watch a documentary following the project here.

M 4

MMM HMMM – A touring show performed by a trio of highly-skilled vocalists, which has been presented everywhere from village halls in the Outer Hebrides to the National Theatre’s Riverstage. Find out more and watch the trailer here.